The Supersonic Hydroponics Deep Water Culture (DWC) growing system makes it easy for your new hydroponics garden up and running with minimal effort. Includes all of the parts needs to rapidly grow healthy plants and vegetables. Great for growing your own garden or for teaching kids about the science of hydroponics. Grow fresh vegetables for your own table. Everything you need but the seed! Please note that this kit does not include lighting, so you’ll need to either use natural sunlight or purchase artificial lighting. More details are included in the instructions.

Product Features

  • COMPLETE DEEP WATER CULTURE (DWC) HYDROPONICS SET – Contains everything you need to grow plants and vegetables hydroponically except seeds and water. Even contains enough nutrient mix for the first 10 weeks of growing! Includes seed germination tray with rockwool, net pots, hydroton growing media, nutrients and air pump with air stone. Lighting not included.
  • INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED – Includes a detailed instruction manual that will step you through the process of starting your seeds and growing them in your new system. Perfect for beginners but also a high quality set for experienced growers. This kit is a great choice for students wanting to learn about hydroponics, or hobbyists wanting to grow fresh produce for their tables.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM TO GROW – Plants are spaced 6″ to 8″ apart, so there is plenty of room for your plants to grow without crowding each other. The set is perfect for small to medium plants and vegetables, like herbs and lettuces. Not suitable for larger plants like tomatoes.
  • EASY TO READ WATER LEVEL METER – Check the water level at a glance, making it easy to ensure that your plants have plenty of water and nutrients. Water level gauge on the label makes it easy to read the exact number of gallons in the tub.
  • DURABLE FOOD GRADE PLASTIC – Sets are made of food grade plastic, so they are completely safe for growing fruits and vegetables. The smooth interior makes it easy to keep the inside clean, and the thick durable plastic construction will last for years. The black plastic prevents sunlight from entering the system, meaning it will keep algae growth in check. The comfortable handles make it easy to move the set even when it’s full of nutrient solution.

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