Control Wizard Products has introduced its new line of nutrient meters to the hydroponic and soil market with the master gardener in mind. Pictured is the Accurate pH 1. We can’t say enough good things about the way Control Wizard Products has put their new line of meters together. The Accurate pH 1 meter has clearly been manufactured to compete in the arket place for entry-level growers. Control Wizard Products should do well against competitor models, as this meter is stylish, gives solid readings and has a good feel in the hand. It has a two-point calibration process that is easy to do and takes little time. This meter reads in pH points and tenths of a point. While it does not have a temperature compensation feature like Control Wizard Products’ Accurate pH 2, temperature compensation is not a necessity for most growers. A meter that has good stable reading and can hold calibration is a necessity. This is where the Accurate pH 1 really shines for entry level growers. It is simply a great little tool for accurately determining pH. It comes with a plastic case, screwdriver and instructions. This meter comes with a limited one-year warranty with your original sales receipt

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