YEAR – ROUND gardening, in the comfort of your kitchen! Aerogarden Indoor Grower, ON SALE! Grow herbs, vegetables and flowers INDOORS, all year long! The Aerogarden uses state-of-the-art aeroponics to grow plants without the use of soil, and with 95% less water than soil-bound plants. Instead of dirt, each plant’s root system is suspended in a 100% humid, oxygenated and nutrient-rich growing chamber. Full-spectrum fluorescent light bulbs provide robust, healthy growth night and day. Make every meal more delicious with 100% natural, freshly grown ingredients… with your first harvest after only 28 days! Includes 7 different seed packs to get you started: Italian basil, cilantro, mint, dill, parsley, chives and purple basil. With two more seed packets offered separately below! UL-listed. Measures 16 x 10 1/2 x 15 1/2″h., adjustable to 21″h. to accommodate plant growth. Entire Set weighs approx. 11 lbs. Order yours today! Aerogarden Indoor Garden Grower, Black

Product Features

  • NASA-proven, soil-free growing technology scientifically proven to grow plants up to 10X faster than plants grown in soil
  • Easy, foolproof and 100-Percent guaranteed
  • 2 energy efficient grow lights, grow indoors anywhere, any time of year!
  • No soil, no mess, no green thumb required
  • 20-Inch L x 12.25-Inch W x 15-Inch Minimum Height, Extends to 21-Inch Maximum

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