In colder months when there is freezing temperatures outside, using a greenhouse heater can keep your plants from freezing. The DR Infrared Heater DR218 greenhouse heater is a professional choice for your tender plants. The DR218 model, assembled in USA, is a fan force heater that can provide a reliable and efficient heat source to your greenhouse plants. This greenhouse heater, permanently lubricated for life, uses a totally enclosed, thermally protected and heavy duty ball bearing motor that provides long life with very low maintenance required. It has a precision temperature sensor with a built-in over-heat protection, adjustable thermostat control, which allows you to create the best climate for your plants. Plus, this heater is equipped with heavy duty steel housing, an IPX4 structure that is protected against water splashing. Order one today and protect your tender plant from becoming a frosted, soggy mush and keep your young plants snug and warm until spring.

Product Features

  • Assembled in USA; 3000W comes with high and low
  • Keeping your tender plants warm and thrive in the best climate
  • IPX4 structure and is protected against water splashing
  • Light weight and portable
  • Low maintenance needed

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