Compost in style with Vesta Kitchen’s premium copper-plated compost bin!

Create your own organic fertilizer without the smells and unsightliness of plastic containers while protecting your compost from bacteria growth and unhealthy chemicals.

This attractive compost holder features a gorgeous copper-plated exterior and is composed of tough stainless steel–it provides beauty and elegance to any rustic, contemporary, or modern kitchen.

Composting at home is beneficial for you and for the environment–a few of these benefits are: less garbage, less resource consumption, lower water bills (when using compost as a soil mulch), and the creation of free fertilizer that is organic and nutrient-rich. Vesta Kitchen’s copper-plated bin is ideal for indoor composting! Here’s why:

* EASY TO USE: makes organic recycling quick and easy–simply place this bin on your kitchen countertop and deposit food scraps throughout the day. Store your compostable materials for extended periods of time without the hassle of having to visit an outdoor compost bin every time you cook. Ideal for storing eggshells, vegetables and fruit scraps, and more.

* EASY TO CLEAN: dirt comes off the stainless steel interior with ease–use soap and warm water.

* PREMIUM COPPER: the finest copper plating and the finest steel components for world-class kitchens.

* BONUS FILTER: comes with two charcoal filter sets instead of one!

* CONVENIENT SIZE: small enough for nearly any countertop; big enough to hold a great deal of compostable materials throughout the week. Sturdy handle makes it easy to lift and empty. (Dimensions: 10.5″ x 6″ x 6.25″ (HxWxD).)

* PERFECT GIFT for holidays, birthdays, or your seventh wedding anniversary. The seventh wedding anniversary gift is traditionally made of copper–this compost bin is a lovely addition to any home!

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Product Features

  • Convenience: makes composting quick and easy. Store food scraps for days without having to visit an outdoor bin.
  • Elegant Design: beautiful copper design looks wonderful in any house or apartment and matches other copper decor.
  • Odor-Free Composting: an airtight lid and charcoal filters keep odors within the bin and out of your kitchen.
  • Eco-Friendly Gardening: create organic, energy-efficient mulch for plants and flowers out of recyclable waste.
  • Built to Last: made of high-quality, rust-resistant metal that’s built to last a lifetime.

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