This is a professional light meter model LX803 that can be used by nurseries, general hydroponic growing system, hobby orchid growers, or for everybody who installs lights or needs to check and audit light levels in buildings, offices, production areas. And it likewise includes a high upper range, up to 200,000 lux, therefore it can measure intense bright light, such as metal halide lights and power LED lights, which frequently used in hydroponics growing system, and also direct sunlight. For growing plants the measurement should be taken near the pot. This electronic light meter LX803 also works well with incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Architects, electricians and lighting consultants use this digital meter to test light levels in buildings, offices, work shops and production areas. When the lighting is set correctly significant cost savings can be achieved. It is also great for photo studios and stage lighting.

Product Features

  • Professional light meter LX803 for use in greenhouse and hydroponics growing systems
  • Measures in Lux and has four Measurement Ranges: 0 to 200 / 2,000 / 20,000 / 200,000 Lux
  • Resolution: 0.1 Lux Accuracy: +/- 4.0% , repeatability +/- 2%
  • Data hold saves the current measurement, low battery indicator
  • Battery: 1x 9V (included!); Battery life approx. 150 hours, manual and storage bag

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