Our Baby Belle peppers are cute and delicious with a crunchy texture and sweet flavor.These bite-size little beauties make wonderful eating fresh off the plants or enjoy them as tasty, quick and nutritious snacks. They are an ideal size to quickly core and toss into fresh salads. The compact plants are heavy producers, and ornamental in the garden or containers. Seeds are color coded with USDA food grade stain.

Product Features

  • Baby Belle Peppers are Cute and Delicious with a Crunchy Texture and Sweet Flavor
  • Bite-Sized Beauties Make Wonderful Eating Fresh Off the Plants as Quick Nutritious Snacks
  • Perfect Size To Quickly Core and Toss Into Salads
  • Compact Plants are Heavy Producers and Ornamental in Garden or Containers
  • Seeds Are Color-Coded to Distinguish Varieties

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