Enjoy colorful plants every month of the year, indoors or out, with this valuable handbook that organizes container gardening in a simple seasonal progression. Each of the twelve chapters shows half a dozen or more plants in numerous variations that will bloom most effectively in a given month, as well as how and when to plant and care for them. Because container gardens are self-contained, you can grow acid-loving plants in an alkaline area, shady plants in a sunny climate, and warm-weather plants in cold parts of the country — the choices of plants are much greater than for conventional gardening, and the tips offered here show you how to make the most of these advantages. The containers themselves add much to the charm, as you can select from a wide variety of pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes, or use your imagination to make your own containers from almost anything that will hold dirt and filter water. Full-color photos show you dramatic plantings for each month.

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