E-Z on your knees. E-Z on your back. E-Z on your hands. When you cant reach it or dont want to touch it, the Carex E-Z Grabber is your indispensable helping hand around the home. In the kitchen, pantry, cupboard, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, home office, garden, greenhouse, closets, or childrens play room, use it everywhere help is needed retrieving an item. Use E-Z Grabber to: reach high shelves, remove or replace spices, boxes and cups, change light bulbs, pick up unsanitary things, pull out hard-to-reach items, hang holiday decorations, and much, much more! Reach or pick up virtually anything. Exclusive E-Z twist shaft and wrist support. Rotates 90 degrees. E-Z snap-on wrist support. Replaces unstable stepladder. Non-slip rubber grabber cups. Locking feature. Reach tight spaces. The E-Z Grabber grabs items as small as a pin, as large as a book!

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