A simple, lavishly illustrated guide to container gardens of all shapes and sizes You don''t need a big back yard to grow a beautiful garden. Container Gardens is a user-friendly, illustrated guide to everything you need to know about growing beautiful plants, involving a dvice on choosing soils, selecting plants that work together, planting in containers, and caring for your garden. Each garden idea includes a recipe and an ingredients list that makes shopping and preparing a breeze. The easy-to-follow reference format explains every project in detail and in depth, including helpful hints and essential information on plants, growth, and potting options. Features more than 125 container recipes, each complete with color photos, planting plans, tips on growing, and shopping lists Over 500 beautiful photos and illustrations, including inspirational garden photos, plant ID photos, how-to instructions, and step-by-step projects Step-by-step instruction helps you achieve exactly the look you want for any project and bonus tips and hints offer basic gardening advice on plant substitutions and garden design insights Covers everything from the very basics to more complicated projects, like window box butterfly gardens and containers with seasonal plant change-outs This easy-to-follow reference is an ideal guide for readers who want to create their own gorgeous container gardens at home.

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