With 50 Simple Steps to Kick America''s Oil Habit, the goal of the Green Patriot Working Group is to initiate the next oil boycott–when America tells the world that it doesn''t need oil anymore from unfriendly, hostile or unstable governments because its citizens have been empowered to do their share to kick our extreme addiction to petroleum.

Following in the footsteps of the very successful 50 Simple Steps to Save the Earth from Global Warming, the Green Patriot Working Group''s newest consumer handbook provides easy and practical steps anybody can take to reduce their personal dependency on petrochemicals.

From the cosmetics and household cleaning products we purchase to the foods we eat, our choice of transportation, how we heat our homes and even the clothing we wear, Americans can make choices that will make a tremendous difference for our future national security.

50 Simple Steps also looks at the many side benefits of abandoning petroleum products including improved public health (from reduced carcinogens, toxins and pollution), a healthier environment (due to reduced greenhouse gases and global warming) and a healthier economy (due to keeping billions of U.S. dollars in our own country).

50 Simple Steps challenges and inspires its readers to be leaders-each person, each Green Patriot-and to do their fair share for America. 50 Simple Steps makes it easy.

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