Finally, The Fullest & Easiest To Use Vertical Hydroponic Garden System Has Just Been Released!

Tired of weeds growing with your plants? Hate dull tasting fruit and herbs? Looking for a cost effective yet easy way to grow your own outdoor garden?

If so, then you should keep on reading. We have the best hydroponic garden system for you.

You just need outdoor space, conduit poles, a reservoir and our kit of course. Home gardening is no longer just for the experienced!

Grow Healthy Plants, Fruit & Vegetables Fast With The Vertical Hydroponic DIY 4 Tower System!

Who said gardening has to be time consuming and only for a few? Forget all about weeds and bending over with our vertical gardening planter.

With just 1′ x 9′ outdoor space, you can grow your own nutrient-dense veggies, fruit, herbs, and one of a kind flowers.

This hydroponic planter system enables high productivity in a limited growing area.

Our kit includes EcoPlus 396 GPH water pump, Titan Controls dual outlet digital timer, ph kit, complete drip irrigation system with valve, Organic Coco Coir and Perlite growing medium, 3 lbs bag of Bio Nectar Hydroponic nutrients.

Here’s Why This Vertical Hydroponic System Is What You Are Looking For:

o Premium quality hydroponic gardening supplies. Fresh & tasty fruit for all growing seasons.

o 4 tower hydroponic system for up to 80 plants.

o Automatic irrigation pump system.

o Space saving vertical design with stackable pots.

o For lettuce, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, spinach, kale, natural herbs, flowers, and more!

o No more weeds, bending over and poor watering to worry about!

o YouTube video for further explaining.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last!

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Product Features

  • ? GROW YOUR OWN GARDEN: Enjoy fresh fruit and nutrient-dense vegetables without spending a small fortune on grocery shopping. This hydroponic grow kit has all the supplies to make gardening fun again! Conduit poles and 44-gallon reservoir not included.
  • ? AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION SYSTEM – SET & FORGET: No more messy watering systems and irrigation plans. The automatic timer turns the pump on and off at the exact time every day for optimal growth. Forget about guessing and inconsistent watering.
  • ? GROW ANYTHING YOU LIKE: Let’s face it, nothing tastes better than your own freshly grown vegetables and herbs. This hydroponic garden system is ideal for growing lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, peas, spinach, strawberries, flowers, and more.
  • ? GET THE FULLEST HYDROPONIC SYSTEM: This gardening set contains: Bio Nectar hydroponic nutrients, Organic Coco Coir and Perlite growing medium, General Hydroponic pH control kit, EcoPlus 396 GPH pump, Titan Controls digital timer, complete irrigation system, and instructions to guide you through the growing process. Promote healthy, strong roots and fast plant growth with hydroponics. This 4-tower gardening planter kit includes 20 stackable pots and can grow up to 80 plants.
  • ? FOR OUTDOOR GARDENING ONLY: Our vertical hydroponic system will save you space and energy. It works great for outdoor use only, backyard gardening plots and urban farms. Get yours today and start growing your own garden!

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