If you have wondered just what the advantages are of a raised bed gardening system, or how to build one. Or maybe you are looking for information on growing vegetables in containers? This gardening guidebook collection of five books in one; gives you all this and more at a great bargain bulk-buy price.

Guidebooks Included In This Vegetable Gardening Collection:
Book 1: Raised Bed Gardening – Ten Good Reasons For Growing Plants In A Raised Bed Garden
If you have ever considered growing vegetables in a raised bed, but need convinced; then this is just the book for you. It includes ten compelling reasons for growing in a raised bed situation.
Book 2: Raised Bed Gardening – Growing The Easy Way
All about raised bed gardening including different types of construction methods, and details of materials needed to build a raised garden that is easy to maintain and service.
Book 3: Raised Bed Gardening – Making The Most Of A Raised Bed
How to get the most out of your raised bed gardening, including rotational planting, soil and growing conditions needed to get the best results.
Book 4: Vegetable Container Gardening – Made Easy
All about growing vegetables for minimal cost in containers of all shapes and sizes. The pitfalls to look out for and the containers best suited to the plants.Book 5: Tomato Container Gardening
Top tips for growing and caring for tomatoes in containers to get the best out of your crop.

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