Looking for an inexpensive and easy way to grow hydroponically? The PowerGrow (R) Systems Deep Water Culture System is the answer! Super easy to use, the DWC system allows you to get up and growing in no time, with very little effort. The PowerGrow Deep Water Culture System includes everything you need for a complete system. In a Deep Water Culture system, the plant roots are immersed in an oxygen infused and nutrient rich water reservoir (a 5 gallon FDA approved bucket). The oxygen rich solution helps build healthy root systems faster and more efficiently than soil which results in superior plant growth and production. The PowerGrow Deep Water Culture System includes the following: (8) 5 Gallon FDA Approved Buckets, (8) 6″ Net Pot Bucket Lids, high power industrial Oxygen/Air Pump, Air Tubing, (8) Oxygen dispersing Air Stones, (8) Blue Water Level Indicators + Drains, Complete Instructions, 1 Year Warranty. The PowerGrow Deep Water kits are easily expandable as well so you garden limits are virtually endless. With the PowerGrow brand, you also get the quality assurance of a 1 year Manufacturers USA warranty. So what are you waiting for? Get growing with a PowerGrow(R) DWC Deep Water Culture System today!

Product Features

  • Easy to use complete Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System! 8 Growing Sites!
  • Deep Water Kit Includes Industrial Air pump, air lines, (8) air stones, 6″ basket lids, (8) 5 gallon FDA buckets + 1 Year USA Warranty (Beware – some other brands do not include airstones which results in lower oxygen levels!)
  • Each Deep Water Culture bucket includes a water level indicator and drain so water changes are easy!
  • Easily grow plants to maturity with the PowerGrow Deep Water Culture Kit – Made in the USA!
  • Let’s you grow 8 different plants to maturity in one system!

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