What is the most pressing issue, essential to the long-term survival of mankind, to be consistently ignored by governments and world leaders?

Overpopulation of Planet Earth by our species and continuing population growth
End of 2006:6,525,170,264, Growth 2006:74,281,174 = 1.1%
Source: U.S. Bureau of Census, International Data Base (2006).

While politicians and media pay lip-service to environmental awareness, the most urgent issue of overpopulation is ignored. At present levels of consumption of non-renewable resources and rates of global pollution and greenhouse gas generation, the level of sustainability has passed during the later part of the last century.

Drastic measures need to be introduced immediately to tackle this problem, because we are presently pilfering non-renewable assets, which future generations will need for long-term existence. In this thought-provoking essay on the problem of overpopulation, Enrico Fabrizius urges us all that, for the sake of future generations, we can no longer afford to dismiss this painful reality.

Enrico Fabrizius is a retired physician and pathologist who has practiced medicine and pathology in Germany and the USA. After termination of his medical practice, he moved onto his sailboat and cruised for over a decade in the United States and Europe. He has conducted freelance post-graduate studies of molecular biology and physical chemistry at Harvard and MIT at Cambridge and the Lowell campus, Massachusetts, USA. He has children and grandchildren, is concerned about their and humanity''s future and the currently deteriorating biosphere of our planet. He has circum-navigated Earth three times by ship and studied the biophysical system of this planet on all continents except Antarctica. He lives presently in a small mountain village in the European Alps with his faithful German shepherd dog and continues to study, observe and write.

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