“Riverstone Industries Eden raised mini greenhouse has elevated growing surface and covering system which allows it to accomplish things a standard garden. Greenhouse provides optimal organic growing environment for vegetables, herbs and flowers. Finish: Green Dimensions: 64″”(H) x 48″”(W) x 34.1″”(D) Perfect for the growth of warm weather plants Material: Wood, mesh, aluminum Ideal for indoor or outdoor use Form factor: Portable Allows up to 9 months of gardening in colder climates Protection of plants from frost, insects, rodents and animals Created from US grow wood with non rotting coating and self-wicking liner to add additional life Quick and no tool assembly Remove the top enclosure ito use the Eden as a decorative raised bed or to allow for larger vegetables or herbs to grow freely Eliminates the need for pesticides and other chemicals Temperature control through adjusting poly covering Easy zipper entry 16 sq.ft. bed Bio-degradable”

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