5 GALLON BUCKET. Suitable for aeroponic and hydroponic systems. Lid not included.A simple pump and sprayer set-up will give you great growth. (All of these parts can be found in this site)A tip for aeroponic growers, never try straight aeroponics without a body of nutrient to float the roots. Gravity will keep the roots from being feed properly and the roots will rot. Keep the nutrient level just below or right at the bottom of the net pot so the roots can float. The aeroponic’s come from the area between the nutrient body and the bottom of the lid. Try spraying only one side of the net pot. This may force air roots to grow on the other side of the net pot. You can tell that they are air roots by the fuzzy look they have. Also, compare growth with more than one sprayer. Keep records. Have fun!

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