Cool Containers pumps up the action in pots. Here is an innovative approach to container gardening, the first book to combine the cool style of modernism with plantings that really work. Cool Containers explains where, how and what to plant in a variety of containers. The book is split into six sections, covering everything from design and materials to site, season and care. In ‘Design’ Adam Caplin looks at style, whether crisply modern or informally chic, focusing on elements such as scale, texture and colour. ‘Materials’ explores a range of exciting and unusual planters in every material, from metal to stone, and features planting recipes for carefully selected container shapes. ‘Site’ offers trailblazing ways to use plants that will suit the location and its environmental conditions –be it hot and sunny, windy and exposed or cast in deep shade. Adam then explores how understanding a location’s particular set of constraints will enable you to choose an ideal container and plant species that thrive in it. There are ideas for all sites, whether kind or cruel –even for a dark passage between two houses, out of the reach of even the most intrepid of the sun’s rays. ‘Season’ demonstrates how you can replant existing containers to provide an instant colour lift at certain times of the year. Packed with sound practical advice on container choice and how to select and care for the right plants in the right situations, Cool Containers puts successful and adventurous gardening within everyone’s grasp. Container gardening has never been so exciting.

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