Innovative Way to Garden

This method of growing has been used for years within the nursery industry. The pots are strong and durable making them ideal grow bags for your garden area.

Great for growing potatoes as it takes out all the hard work of digging or simply use as a flower bed or herb garden.

Planters increase the accessibility as they can be placed in areas easier to reach, getting plants off the ground. Improves the air circulation and you will create healthier plants with less disease or pest problems.

The felt fabric allows aeration to the root ball and moisture drainage. Good fibrous, branched root structure is a key to growing quality healthy plants, improving the flower or fruiting yield.

Consider what you want in your garden and try these.

Product Features

  • Excellent for growing a wide variety of container or potted plants. Make a herb garden just outside your kitchen door.
  • This planting pot is an innovative way to make the most out of the available space you have. Best of all it is a highly productive growing system for your vegetables.
  • Safe for vegetables and herbs, water by hand or sprayer, use a dripper line. Moisture wicks down through the felt, extra water flows to the planter below.
  • Made from PET recycled micro-fibre which spreads the water evenly and encourages a healthy root system into the breathable felt.
  • Felt material is soft and can be folded away or when in use is still rigid enough to stand upright. 5 gallon capacity:

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