cmsGardens 12 Pocket Vertical Garden Wall Planter Eco-friendly Re-cycled materials Plastic Waterproof Back

First Quality
* Custom made for CMS Trade Group, LLC. This product is unique and found only on Its tough, Durable, has high water retention, releases water slowly to plants, retains water with plastic backing that goes from the back to the front.
* Easy Planting; just fill the pocket with quality growing medium and insert the plant! You can line the pockets with felt or more plastic if desired.
* Use it on balconies, walls, railings, fences, INDOORS and OUTDOORS.
* Made of strong felt from recycled plastic water bottles, has a strong plastic backing that protects walls and wraps from the back to the front at the bottom to hold excess water.
* Ideal for small yards, apartment balconies, dry climates. Bring it into the garage for the winter easily.
* This makes a wonderful project for families, schools, scouts. Your horticulturist friends and family will love it as a gift.

Product Features

  • This product was created by CMS Trade Group, LLC in response to customers likes and dislikes about vertical gardens. We hope to have created a product that will suit your needs. This is an ecologically responsible product created to grow your own herbs outside your kitchen window or just beautify a fence or balcony railing, or wall inside. YES, inside. The plastic backing will protect walls, if plants are watered responsibly.
  • Have a vegetable or flower garden where you never thought you could before, even in dry climates. Hang it up to protect it from animals. Use the reinforced hanging loops, or heavy duty grommets at the top. S hooks work great to attach to fences or connect back to back with a second one.
  • This makes a wonderful family learning activity that can teach responsibility to children. Ideal for church groups, schools, day care centers, and scouts. Plant roots entwine themselves in the felt for stability and to retain water.
  • Hang up with S hooks or on rods through the sewn-on attached loops. Attach it to a wall bracing or frame inside or out. Customer photos are welcome to add to our photo gallery.Constructed of strong durable felt fabric produced from re-cycled plastic water bottles. Size: body is 24″ x 32″, NOT including the hanging loops. Pleated pockets measure 10.5″ x 5.75″. Some people feel the pockets are too large, while others feel they are too small. Consider measurements carefully for your needs.
  • CMS Trade Group LLC is the exclusive manufacturer and seller of cmsGardens products. Any seller other than CMS Trade Group, LLC who offers a cmsGardens product for sale is not a licensed reseller and has no access to genuine cmsGardens inventory and is not authorized to sell this product anywhere. CMS Trade Group, LLC is not responsible for the products sold by any other seller.

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