For the beginner to the seasoned pro – Master Gardener Rebecca Kolls will help you learn and understand everything you need to know about gardening. Available for the first time, this DVD contains the most popular segments on container gardening from the TV show Rebecca’s Garden.

1. Intro
2. All About Pots
3. Clay vs. Plastic Containers
4. Planting In Large Pots
5. Caring For Container Plants
6. Wonderful “Out Of The Box” Planting Designs
7. Evergreen Window Boxes
8. Planning Pots With Designer Flair
9. Performing Plants In Pots At The Denver Botanic Garden
10. Growing Baby Greens In Whiskey Barrels
11. Paperwhites For Holiday Gifts
12. Hanging Baskets For Winter
13. Fabulous Fall Designs In A Pot
14. Making An Old English Trough
15. Painting Terra Cotta Pots
16. Painting Designer Pots
17. Easy Multi-tiered Pot Of Plants
18. Re-potting House Plants
19. Planting Bulbs Indoors
20. Houseplant Containers
21. Pots Of Potted Plants
Bonus Chapters
22. Turning A Rusted Watering Can Into A Container
23. Spicy Pecans
24. Closing

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