General Hydroponics Flora Shield FloraShield will protect and rid your plant of 97% of all bacteria and fungi. Maintains healthy roots. o Maintain healthy roots without resorting to harsh, toxic chemicals. o FloraShield 1/4 s unique combination of compounds can thoroughly rinse systems and plants during all phases of the life cycle. o Its mode of action makes General Hydroponics FloraShield safe to use on and around actively growing plants at all stages of growth. o Growers around the globe attest to FloraShield 1/4 s ability to solve root rot problems. Add FloraShield to the nutrient reservoir as directed. For container gardening (soil or soil-less), mix in a container and pour so that half the amount is run off. If root rot is present, decay will cease and new root growth will return. Fungi and bacteria will be inoculated, and signs of attack will slowly diminish, allowing plants to resume growth and flourish. Trichoderma is not affected by FloraShield.

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