Grodan stonewool is known for its quality, consistency and performance. Each sheet of Grodan Stonewool A-OK Starter Plugs is perfectly-sized to fit a standard flat and each plug has a pre-formed hole to easily plant seeds and cuttings. Once rooted, gardeners can transfer individual A-OK Starter Plugs to larger pieces of stonewool or plant them directly in soil. Grodan’s A-OK Starter Cubes come with a pre-made planting hole which easily allows you to place cuttings, seeds etc into the cubes for fast, easy rooting and sprouting. Once roots develop you can easily separate the cubes and transplant using whatever method you prefer. Packaged loose 50 cubes!

Product Features

  • Loose cubes great for germination or cloning
  • Great for hobby and commecial growers
  • Ideal for growers that don’t want wasted cubes
  • Quick and easy to use. Grab what you need and save the rest.
  • Predrilled planting holes make seeding and plant propagation a breeze!

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