A nutrient rinse formula designed to remove excess fertilizer build up. Fox Farm Bush Doctor Sledgehammer fertilizer rinse is designed to remove excess fertilizer buildup to improve water movement through both soil and soilless growing mediums. Sledgehammer encourages water movement through soil and soiless mediums. High fertilizer use can compromise plant growth over time due to concentrated mineral salt deposits. For use in established gardens, container plantings and in hydroponic systems. You can use this organic formula in both soil and hydroponics systems. Regular use of Sledgehammer helps prevent crusty mineral deposits that can strangle your plants root system. It also releases the surface tension in soil to allow optimal absorption of moisture and nutrition through the root zone. Application Rate: Hydroponics – use 2 drops per gallon of fresh water during weekly feeding and reservoir changes Hydro Flushing – use 1/2 teaspoon per gallon -flush every two weeks for one hour Soil – use 2 teaspoons per gallon fresh water every 3 or 4 weeks until harvest Bush Doctor Sledgehammer is derived from Saponin, an extract from Yucca.

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