This timely book is launched in conjunction with the UN Climate Change Summit – 28th September 2014 – at the UN Headquarters in New York. Several key launch events will be held to herald this important new title, among them a major drinks reception for 1,000 people, hosted by Robert de Niro and introduced by Vanessa Redgrave.

In Addressing Climate Change, world-renowned photographer Henry Dallal goes behind the scenes to capture the human drama of negotiating a global agreement on climate change. This book celebrates those who have dedicated their lives to addressing the seemingly impossible challenge of crafting international policy on this issue and should motivate the rest of us to take part in one of the most critical issues facing our generation.- Edward Norton, actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador

In December 2015, the nations of the world will gather in Paris with an opportunity to make history by signing the first legally binding global agreement on Climate Change, commonly referred to as COP21. This will build on more than two decades of near-constant negotiations on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help nations adapt to the impacts of global climate change such as rising sea levels, threats to food production, and loss of biodiversity.

Drawn from tens of thousands of images, this book is a celebration of the collective efforts of the nations and peoples of the world who have come together under the framework of the UN to reach a global agreement on the future of our common home.

Award-winning photographer Henry Dallal has built a reputation for creating photographic books of rare beauty. Henry''s work has been exhibited widely adding a t the Smithsonian Institution, Naples Museum of Art, and Guildhall and Windsor castles. He has also been honored to photograph Queen Elizabeth II.

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