As someone who is excited about growing my own food, whilst at the same time trying to maximise my results within a limited budget; Straw Bale Gardening offers a solution that is immensly appealing.
The fact is that you can grow a huge range of produce with very little effort & expense by simply utilising straw bales.
No more heavy digging or struggling against weeds & poor soil, even bugs are not as much of a problem!

Growing vegetables in Straw Bales is a concept that appeals to many – and for good reason. As it is Possibly the most perfect example of no-dig vegetable gardening. This is indeed not surprising when you consider that it is possibly the only one amongst the contenders of Raised Bed Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, and Container Gardening that truly offers planting with minimal use of even a hand-trowel!

Like to know more? Here is a brief outline of this books contents…
1: A full introduction of the Straw Bale gardening technique, explaining in detail why exactly you should consider this system for growing your own healthy vegetables.

2: Easy to follow instructions on exactly how to lay out your Straw Bales, including where to place them, how to prepare them for growing your vegetables, and how to plant the veggies themselves.

3: Comprehensive pictures and illustrations. You will find over 20 pictures and illustrations included throughout this book.

4: Planting tips and techniques for getting the best out of your straw bale gardening efforts, including how to keep destructive insects at bay, and how to create your own ‘cold frame’ from your straw bale system.

5: Details on how to grow ten of the most popular vegetables, including planting and growing conditions needed to get the best results.

Straw Bale Gardening is a system for growing vegetables without the heavy digging and labour involved with traditional gardening systems – maybe it’s time for you to check it out and see what the fuss is all about!

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