CAL-MAG PLUS(TM) The Original CAL-MAG Plus(TM) is a custom plant supplement designed to help with calcium, magnesium and iron defeciences in nutrient fertilizer programs. CAL-MAG Plus(TM) serves as a catalyst for the major elements to work in symbiosis with one another to prevent blossum end rot in tomatoes and peppers and tip burn in lettuce. CAL-MAG Plus(TM) is a bio-catalyst for plants; a highly beneficial plant nutrient supplement to correct the inherit problem of calcium, magnesium and iron mineral deficiencies found in most soil fertilizers and some hydroponic nutrient liquid concentrated formulas. CAL-MAG Plus(TM) Helps Prevent: o blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers o tip burn in lettuce and cabbage o dry and withered flower and fruit set o interveinal chlorosis o stunted growth rates o upward leaf curl CAL-MAG Plus(TM) Helps Increase: o cell division and plant tissue development o flower and fruit sets o water nutrient and carbon dioxide uptake o growth rates and crop maturity CAL-MAG Plus(TM) IS AVAILABLE IN THESE SIZE CONTAINERS: Pint 16 oz 480 ml Quart 32 oz 960 ml Gallon 128 oz 3.8 liters 2.5 gallons 320 oz 9.5 liters 5 gallons 640 oz 19 liters 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! *NOTE: CAL-MAG Plus(TM) is not to be confused with CAL-MAX, which is a copied version of CAL-MAG Plus(TM) The Original - Accept no Subsitute.

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