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There’s some super phat hip-hop hydro budding in Brian Daly’s digital hothouse, and it’s all bumpin’ to the beat. Brian’s hydro is the best, and Hydroponic Hip-Hop is one killer harvest of mad blunted Loops for ACID. It’s too easy: get your mic under control, open your ACID, put the hydro on the tray, and then just click-slide on an ideal grooves to make instant, polished tracks. If you wanna get abstract and make a seriously original statement, no problem — all the beats, basses, guitars, keys, and FX that we could fit on a single disc are here, ready, and waiting for you to explore and layer up. The Hydroponic Hip-Hop construction kit is ready to give up all the inspiration information you need for instant gratification. You have the rhymes, now slide into the producer’s chair, fire up this hydro, and get it straight in ACID. 428 (534MB) original, license-free loops.

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