Cha Ching – NPK: 9 – 50 – 10 is engineered to maximize the final phase of a plant's production. Made to use after the fruit has set, Cha Ching is packed with just the right combination of nutrients to make fruit and flowers drip with flavor and ooze with fragrance. Cha Ching is a high-phosphorous fertilizer that won't leave a salty residue or buildup in your hydroponic systems or containerized soil plantings. It contains all the essential elements like calcium, magnesium, boron, manganese, sulfur, molybdenum, iron, copper and zinc to support solid fruit on compact, stocky plants. Designed to work with Fox Farms other plant foods & fertilizers. Use Cha Ching in your hydroponics systems or for plants potted in soil. Comes in a dry formula that is water soluble. Fox Farm Cha Ching pH balanced blend of extra-strength micro and macro nutrients improves results whether as a supplement to the existing nutrients, or use it alone as a finishing nutrient towards the end of the plant life. Cha Ching will give you unparalleled results with any plant or flower used for potpourri. Try it with your peppermint, jalape?o peppers or any other plant where enhanced taste is preferred.

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