CNS17(TM) Professional Hydroponic Fertilizer Formulated by Dr. Lynette Morgan American Agritech is proud to introduce CNS17(TM) our new one part, stand alone, inorganic professional fertilizer. Benefits of CNS17(TM) include: o Economical Value.... Superior Performance CNS17(TM) is designed with the commercial grower in mind. It is a highly concentrated, economical fertilizer that will achieve premium results. CNS17(TM) is an element rich plant food which is ideal for producing consumable goods. o Multiple Crops.... Multiple Grow Substrates CNS17(TM) is ideally suited to a wide range of vegetable, flower, and fruiting crops grown in hydroponics or soil. CNS17(TM) is effective in Rockwool, clay aggregate, Perlite, and peat moss, as well as, hydroponic growing methods; top feed drip, ebb and flow, aeroponics and nutrient film technique. While growers will find CNS17(TM) to be very effective in all substrates, those growing in Coir fiber will be particularly impressed. CNS17(TM) produces optimum levels of calcium and nitrogen required to offset the high level of potassium that naturally occurs in Coir Fiber. o Complete Liquid Fertilizer....User Friendly CNS17(TM) is the result of new fertilizer production technology. This technology has produced a professional strength one part, stand alone fertilizer containing all the required nutrient ions in the correct balance. CNS17(TM) combines high levels of calcium with sulphates and phosphates producing a mixture that provides a guaranteed complete spectrum of plant nutrients. Virtually no other Commercial Hydroponic Nutrient supplied in a single part can compare to the spectrum of nutrients contained in CNS17(TM). Additionally due to the molecular composition of CNS17(TM) in dilution with water, the organic structures hydrolyze to provide an energy source for beneficial microbes in solution. CNS17(TM) contains chelates which protect ions such as iron, manganese, and zinc which can improve plant availability under a range of conditions. Nitrogen is supplied almost entirely as the optimum nitrate source. CNS17(TM) sets a new standard for professional horticultural fertilizers. Plant Phase: Use CNS17 Grow for Seedlings, Mid-size Veg, Vegetative & Transition to Fruiting/Flowering Use CNS17 Bloom for Fruiting/Flowering Standard Strength Dilution (10 ml per 1 liter) will achieve: GROW N 300, P 85, K 350, Ca 280, Mg 75, S 99, Fe 5.0, Mn 3.0 BLOOM N 267, P 104, K 468, Ca 197, Mg 84, S 111, Fe 5.0

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