Harvest Grow Bags from Homegrown Gourmet provide an ideal way to grow your own produce, berries and herbs, regardless of whether you have a vast yard for planting, or a little apartment balcony. Whether you want to plant potatoes, onions or other root vegetables, tomatoes or herbs, there is Harvest Grow Bag to meet your needs. All you need is a sunny location, Harvest Grow Bag, seeds or seedlings, soil and water. Produced from commercial-grade canvas, the Grow Bags are portable and storable. Drain holes prevent over-watering and the weatherproof construction ensures you have seasons of growing ahead of you. All Homegrown Gourmet Products are designed to help you live a wholesome lifestyle, centered around growing, serving and storing homegrown produce. Whether you’re an expert gardener or a novice at growing your own produce, Homegrown Gourmet has exactly what you need to get growing! From innovative growing containers to herb drying stations and extra deep colanders for washing to their brilliant savor cubes for storing your edibles, Homegrown Gourmet Products has incredible options for those individuals that want to grow more food at home. Homegrown Gourmet believes growing food, restoring health and a wholesome community go hand in hand and it all starts with you. That is why they have developed Project Restore a Wholesome Future; through the purchase of Homegrown Gourmet Products, a fire station, a school and other community organizations receive the resources to work together to grow nutritious gardens to support neighborhood families.

Product Features

  • Easily grow fresh produce in any sunny outdoor environment including patios, decks and porches
  • Each harvest grow bag is re-usable for year after year enjoyment of fresh herbs, vegetables and berries
  • Harvest Bags feature drainage holes to prevent overwatering; fold easily for storage when not in use
  • Made of commercial-grade canvas, these container are well-constructed and weather proof
  • To use, simply find a sunny location, fill your harvest grow bag with potting soil seedlings or seeds and water as necessary

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