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Garden Trowel – Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel and Rust Resistant – This Quality Hand Tool Can Be Used As a Spade, Shovel, Hoe for Planting, Digging, Weeding and Cultivating – Comfortable Ergonomic Handle – Ideal Gardening, Landscaping Supply – Gardenbrite – Satisfaction Guaranteed
Excellent heavy duty trowel…should last many years with proper care My wife and I do a lot of gardening – more flowers than veggies and have quite a number of flower beds, both formal and informal that must be continually attended to. Needless to say we have many garden tools, some of which have been in our possession for over fifty years and are still going strong. While I have no doubt the either my wife or I will still be gardening fifty years from now, I also have no doubt that this trowel will still be around if I don’t “forget” where I used it…

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