From the editors of Reader''s Digest For garden lovers who enjoy bright, fresh flowers in the spring; vibrant colors throughout the long, hot summer; the warm, sweet scent of autumn; decorative pots with evergreen and pinecones in the winter; container gardens are the ideal way to cultivate a small patch of paradise. With a little careful planning, gardeners of all levels can create exactly the mood they want with a container garden that not only fulfills their vision but also one that thrives in their particular garden environment and local climate–while keeping maintenance and expenses to a minimum. An Invaluable Plant Directory of Almost 200 Plants, Organized by Color and Season, Introduces Readers To The Pick of Container Plants, With Full-Color Photographs and a Detailed Description of the Height, Spread, Color, and Culture Requirements of Each Included is a month-by-month calendar guide to planting and maintaining a thriving container garden throughout the year. Chapters include Practicalities, Growing and Planting, Looking after Your Pots, Pests and Diseases, Greenhouses, Making and Decorating Pots, plus a special section showing 10 Inspirational Container Gardens. With imaginative ideas and practical considerations, learn the art of matching plants, pots, and location–whether it is the eye-catching profusion of old-fashioned blooms framing a cottage in the countryside, the stillness and harmony of an elegantly sparse oriental garden, or a planting of herbs and edible flowers that is at once decorative and practical. Container gardens are the ideal way to beautify a multitude of spaces–providing year-round pleasure. An inspiring guide to creating easy-to-maintain containergardens that bring color and fragrance to every season of the year.

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