At last–a step-by-step guide for the beginner or anyone else who wants sensible, comprehensible advice on ornamental gardening in CanadaGardening should be rewarding and fun. But the array of tasks involved in starting and maintaining a beautiful garden can seem daunting. And the ever-growing number of plants to choose from at the local garden center can be overwhelming. The Reluctant Gardener comes to the rescue!The experienced gardener as well as the novice will find The Reluctant Gardener an invaluable source of information. Learn about:–planning and designing your garden–tips on buying plants, shrubs and trees–the non-prima donna annuals and perennials–container gardening–demystifying bulbs–cold-climate rose cultivation–hand-to-hand combat with weeds, diseases and insects–the absolute minimum list of garden choresGardening can be a pleasure. This witty, user-friendly book will turn any reluctant gardener into an enthusiast.

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