Notes from Sara’s Garden Notes from Roanne’s Garden Introduction Part 1: A New Take on Container Gardening Expand Your Plant World * The Four-Season Container Garden * Picking Plants * Get Thee to a Nursery * A Village of Underplantings * Containers Are Your Cardigans * Planting Up and Swapping Out * Planting Up Your Container * Initial Underplanting * Caring for Your Contained Garden * Pruning for Long-Term Care Part 2: Twelve Containers Through the Year Container 1: Colorful Sticks Container 2: Cool Bark Container 3: Off-Season Blooms Container 4: Dressing Up Topiary Container 5: A Shrub for All Seasons Container 6: Purple Deluxe Container 7: Woodland Shrubbery Container 8: Flowering Tree Container 9: Very Berried Container 10: Transplant Time Container 11: Ornamental Grass Container 12: Structure & Vines

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