“Clean & greenCanned air is fun, but it’s not the most friendly or safe product on the market. It’s full of things that are are hard to type, like difluoroethane, trifluoroethane, and tetrafluoroethane. It emits greenhouse gases and can give you frostbite if you’re not careful. Oh, and it can cause flash fires, severe burns, or explosions. Yikes. Why do we use it? Because it’s handy for cleaning things: our keyboards, inside our computers, and around our evil workshop. With the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System, we finally have a viable alternative to canned air. Each charge of the H2’s batteries gives you the equivalent of 25 cans of canned air, but without the chemicals, greenhouses gases, and risk of explosions. Shoot a blast of air at over 200 mph at any angle and maintain it for 12 minutes! We love our Hurricane 2 Canless Air System for the usual techie stuff, but it’s also great around the house, in our maker’s workshop, and even as a firestarter when we want to roast marshmallows. Product SpecificationsReusable air compressor cleaning system YES! High powered stream of 100% breathable, safe air to clean anything! NO chemicals, greenhouse gasses, frostbite, explosions, pollution, residue One charge will give you the equivalent of 20 cans of canned air Excellent gift for:Electronics & computer repair techs PC Gamers Makers, woodcrafters, builders Hair stylists or barbers (safe to blow on people!) Outdoorsgeeks (easily start a wood fire!) Clean freaks (dust plants, vents, blinds, patios, filters, shelves…)Blows air at over 200 mph Unlike regular compressed air cans that tend to freeze up after less than a minute, the H2 can blow for 12 minutes straight! Batteries: NiMH (rechargeable via included power cord). A full charge can last up to a month, depending on use. Includes: Industrial strength H2 unit, wall charger, and 2 x 5″” extension tubes Optional Attachment Kit:Concentrator nozzle Flexible extension tube Brush”

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