The Little Acre is a fold-out raised bed garden. It’s super-easy to use, and takes only 30 minutes to set-up, fill with soil and plant! Perfect for balconies, patios and small spaces. Your new vegetable garden is made out of woven, UV-resistant polyurethane. It’s incredibly durable. You can leave it outside all winter to use again in the spring. Or you can empty, rinse and store inside to reuse again and again. The woven fabric makes for excellent drainage while retaining moisture and offering great aeration for your plant roots. An ideal combo for happy-healthy plants! Plant your very own raised bed vegetable garden today! You can set up The Little Acre just about anywhere – in your apartment or condo, backyard or patio, on your balcony or the end of your driveway! It’s great for on rooftops, fire escapes, or just about anywhere you can find a couple of sunny square feet to grow your own food. Just note that: The Little Acre has excellent drainage, so protect any wood from rotting underneath by raising the garden up off the surface. The Little Acre is super durable, reusable and provides excellent aeration and drainage for healthy, happy plants. The sturdy construction is completely self-supporting once filled with soil. It holds a beautiful rectangular shape thanks to well reinforced corners and baffle supports. Corner pockets can be used to support stakes for trellises or fencing to keep out animals. The woven polypropylene keeps plant roots from overheating and retains moisture better than geo-textile alternatives.

Product Features

  • Fold-out raised-bed vegetable garden created from woven UV-resistant polypropelene
  • excellent drainage, great breathability and aeration for plant roots
  • Very durable and resistant to wear and use. Reusable for years. Leave outside over the winter, or empty rinse and store.
  • Attractive, neat and weed-free. Retains an upright square shape once filled with earth.
  • Super easy to use. Simply unfold, fill with soil and plant. Anyone can grow food anywhere!

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