Light, airy & versatile. Gro-Cubes are small loose 1/2” cubes of Stonewool. Advantages are better aeration, maximum drainage so that you can hardly ever over water your plant, easy mixing with other loose media (such as expanded clay rocks), lightweight and much cleaner than peat-based media. The properties of Growcubes make it like a 50/50 mix of absorbent to repellent Stonewool. The NEW Gro-Chunks are a larger version of Gro-Cubes, sized at 3/4” square, and can be used in pots around blocks or alone. A 2 cu.ft. bag of Gro-Chunks will fill approximately 22 one gallon nursery pots (bearing in mind that a 1 gallon nursery pot holds only 88 fl oz, not a gallon). They are easily combined with other media, such as layering with coco fiber or clay pellets. They can also be combined with soil for added aeration and increased moisture holding properties. Great for hydro systems or container gardening. Created from natural melted rocks blown into mineral fibers, Grodan stonewool (generically known as rockwool) has become the preferred choice for soil-less growing worldwide. Using our exclusive Delta(R) Technology for improved fiber structure and layering, we create perfectly uniform products that are both inert and compliant to the highest environmental & quality standards. This provides a clean medium for growing spectacular vegetables, fruits and vibrant flowers.

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