Grow Up Hydrogarden makes growing your own fresh, wholesome vegetables, fruits and herbs, easy. Packed full of flavor and essential nutrients, you will taste the difference in every hydrogarden harvest. Its vertical design occupies just 4 square feet of space and is ideal for gardening from your patio, pool deck, balcony or roof top. Simple, delicious and perfect for even the smallest spaces, Grow Up Hydrogarden gives you the tools to effectively grow healthy food from home, at a fraction of the cost of purchased produce. Using advanced hydroponic technology, for maximum growth, crops are power-packed with nutrients that are essential to the health of your mind and body. Grow Up to 20 different small, medium and large vegetables, fruits and herbs like eggplants, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, greens, strawberries, beets, herbs and more in just one Grow Up Hydrogarden unit. With proper planning and advice from a physician, you could plant and harvest vegetables and herbs that not only enhance your favorite recipes but improve your energy, help you lose weight and reduce your risk of certain illnesses. The Grow Up Hydrogarden Deluxe Kit includes everything you need to get growing: 5 gardening pots, 20-gallon reservoir, reinforced lid, access cap, submersible pump, plumbing, 4 bags of growing medium, 1 quart of nutrients and a user guide. Starter plants and seeds sold separately.

Product Features

  • Grow your own healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs from home using seeds or plants (not included)
  • Advanced hydroponics maximizes high growth potential in just 4′ feet of space
  • Easy to maintain No soil No weeding No ground pests Less water
  • Grow up to 20 different wholesome big and small vegetables like eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs and more
  • Food grade plastic Made in the USA

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