From the spectacular impact of giant-leaved exotics to the subtle sensuality of bamboos and grasses, leaves offer an astonishing repertoire of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. This dazzling book, with its breathtaking images and non-botanical language, gets to the very heart of what makes foliage so valuable ornamentally. Author David Joyce first analyzes the characteristics of leaves and the overall form of foliage plants, then he explores the ways in which both their dramatic and subtle qualities can be used in the garden. He suggests foliage effects for large borders, small beds, even containers, and there is plenty of advice on plant care and pruning. Featuring full descriptions and cultivation details for over 1,000 plants, and with superb color photos illuminating all their marvelous characteristics, this book shows how and why foliage has moved to the forefront of the contemporary garden. Among the author’s previous books are "The Complete Container Garden, Topiary and the Art of Training Plants, "and "The Perfect Plant for Every Site, Habitat, and Garden Style."

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