Gardeners love container plantings for the wonderful flexibility they provide. Without much effort, informal and formal container plantings can make a modern and stylish statement in every setting–shady backyards, sunny patios, exposed roof terraces, and as accents in beds and borders.Almost all plants grow easily in pots, and can accent a huge garden or nestle into a tiny space. Container gardens also offer the opportunity to bring fragile plants indoors to protect them from the winter freeze–as well as to start fresh again each season, allowing for continuous creativity and season-by-season decor. "The Container Gardener’s Bible "covers every step in the container gardening experience, from choosing and placing containers, combining plants for drama and beauty, and maintaining and caring for container plants to attracting birds, bees, butterflies, and wildlife. It also includes a comprehensive directory of flowers, shrubs, trees, bulbs, fruit, vegetables, and herbs best suited to container gardens, categorized by color, foliage, season, habit, and planting schedules. This guide is also full of "Go Green" sidebars with eco tips and techniques, as well as a bonus feature on containers to combat noise, atmospheric, and visual pollution. Beautifully packaged with more than 500 stunning photographs and design ideas, "The Container Gardener’s Bible "is an endless source of inspiration for beginning and experienced gardeners alike.

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