Background Starting Your Plants Seeds Sowing of Seeds in a Medium Hydroponic Culture in Choice of Medium Transplanting Seedling Temperatures Light for Seedlings Strawberries Cultural Practices and Environment Plant Spacing Watering Temperatures Light Types of Lights Amount of Light Reflectors and Wall Covering Ballasts Light Movers Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Caring for Your Plants Stringing Training Pollination Planting Schedules Crop Changeover Controlling Pests and Diseases Plant Nutrition Essential Elements Soil in Comparison to Hydroponics Sources of Essential Elements Water Analysis pH of Nutrient Solution Electrical Conductivity (EC) of the Nutrient Solution Symptoms of Nutritional and Other Problems Water Culture (True Hydroponic Systems) Hydroponics vs. Soilless Culture Water Culture Systems Choosing the System Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Systems Ebb and Flow Water Culture Systems Aeroponic Systems Combination Water Culture and Soilless Systems Soilless Culture Substrates (Media) Soilless SystemsExpanded Clay AeroGarden Rockwool and Coco Coir Cultures Perlite CultureVertical Plant Towers Popular Hydroponics Hobby Hydroponic Supplies and Information Hydroponic Supplies Hydroponic Services Hydroponic Organizations and Internet Chat Clubs Hydroponic Magazines References Closing Comments Index

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