In this book, written by a long-term, dedicated gardener, you will learn the ins and outs of hydroponic gardening.

Many people believe that hydroponics is only something that marijuana cultivators use to produce their crops. In fact, although hydroponics does work quite well in the cultivation of cannabis, there is an endless variety of plants that will absolutely thrive in a hydroponic system. There are also some plants that are just not suited to a hydroponic system at all. This book will tell you what plants you should and should not try to grow in your hydroponic garden. There is no point in spending a lot of time and money to build a hydroponic system if you will not be able to grow what you want, after all!

This book will teach you the real differences between soil garden and a hydroponic garden in a way that even a beginner can understand. If you already know what crops you would like to produce, this book will teach you which is the right option for you – a soil garden or a hydroponic garden.

This book will teach you the most common types of hydroponic systems. It takes an in-depth look at four systems that can be used in nearly any environment by nearly any grower - no matter how inexperienced!

More things you will learn:

  • How to set up your own hydroponic system. Whether your budget consists of a few dollars or a few thousand dollars, you will be able to find the right system to match your budget.
  • How to locate and build an ideal grow room to fit any needs. You will also learn everything you need to know about how to equip your grow room in a way that will fit into nearly any budget.
  • Once you have decided upon the best system for you and located an ideal space, this book will provide specific examples of how to build each type of system, so that you can design and build your own system that fits your space.
  • How to actually operate your hydroponics system, once you have built it. You will learn what to watch out for, what maintenance you will need to perform and how often. You will learn best practices from experienced growers that will help you achieve happy results your very first time out.
  • Finally, you will learn from the mistakes of other growers to help set you up for success. There are some fairly common mistakes made by many beginners, and some experience growers, as well, and we will help you avoid them so that you can grow like a pro the first time!

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