Get the bounty of a beautiful herbs garden — without a large space Grow your own herbs in a container garden, and have fun doing it! With this book, you will get all the tips you need to start a container garden in spaces of nearly any size — and learn how to maintain the garden with very little work. This Container Gardening guide starts with the background information you need to know about gardening, as well providing advice for the best herbs to grow at home. As you continue along in the process, you will have lots of fun seeing the fruits of your labor. Beginning from helping you determine which containers are safe to use, to choosing the most suitable herbs to grow, to feeding your plants for maximum growth, this book will walk you through it all, step by step. Take the hesitation and fear out of gardening; no matter where you live. Here's what you get inside the book: o Choosing the Right Container for Your Herbs o Soil Considerations o Type of Herbs for Growing in Containers o Best Herbs to Grow for the Beginners o Harvesting & Drying Herbs o Watering and fertilizing o Grooming Your Plants o Common Diseases and Pests o Overwintering Considerations Container Gardening: A Reliable Beginner's Guide to Growing Herbs is your solution for growing in small spaces.

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  • Container Gardening A Reliable Beginner s Guide to Growing Herbs Urban Gardening Simplified

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