Gardening nourishes your soul as cooking nourishes your body. The Joy of Planting brims over with the author's love of her chosen profession. With infectious enthusiasm she offers us her creative recipe ideas and the benefit of her years of practical experience with container planting.
Each pot or container is an exciting new recipe. Arlette Laird knows that if you can scramble an egg, you can fill a container; if you can pour a glass of water (you don't have to be able to boil it), you can water your plants; if you can add salt and pepper to taste, you can handle fertilizer; if you can transfer a piece of cake from the pan to a plate, you can transplant any plant.
If you can feed yourself, you can handle container gardening. If you have no experience, start with a snack or a few appetizers – one or two pots will do. If you're a good gardener with lots of experience – go gourmet. All you need is a good container gardening recipe book!
No green thumb? The Joy of Planting can help you develop one. If you do have a green thumb, this book can give you many appetizing ideas. Either way, these recipes will be invaluable for planning your pots and baskets according to taste and color, putting together a shopping list and guiding you through pot filling and planting. The color index will help you design a dazzling balcony or patio with containers filled with your favorite colors. With the simple instructions in The Joy of Planting you can grow a gorgeous floral show.

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