Among Native American tribes, the olla was used as a water storage and irrigation technique, to keep water from evaporating in the desert heat. By burying these clay pots next to the roots of plants, water was slowly released, providing nutrients and moisture to nearby foliage.
Using similar methods, our Ollas are crafted from natural, unglazed terra cotta which remains porous to allow water to slowly seep out into the surrounding dirt. The easy-to-use plant watering system not only conserves water for environment sustainability but is ideal for travelers, as the self-watering system keeps plants irrigated while away.
Place in any plant bed or garden pot and plant your flowers around the Olla. Fill your Olla with water and watch your plants thrive as water seeps through the terra cotta vessel at the ideal rate to keep your plants happy. Each Olla is fitted with a decorative ceramic finial that creates an airtight seal to avoid evaporation and is also a fashionable garden accent piece. Check the water levels with the handy, attached dip stick and refill every 7-9 days. Ollas conserve water and make gardening effortless. For best results, bring your Ollas indoors during the winter seasons.

Product Features

  • Never worry about dehydrated plants with this contemporary self-watering system
  • Made of natural, unglazed terra cotta with decorative ceramic topper
  • Bury near roots of plants and fill with water
  • Refill every 7-9 days; topper includes dipstick for measuring water level
  • Measures 4 x 4 x 13 inches

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