Offered for sale is a 16Ft. Geodesic Dome Greenhouse. Our Kits are made of 1/2″ galvanized steel and offer many years of enjoyment! Great for seed starting and hydroponic growing. The actual framework can be assembled easily within a few hours. All Greenhouse Geodesic Frames are proudly made in the USA by Greenhouse Garden Supply. Lifetime Warranty on your greenhouse frame for as long as you own it. Never Loose Your Investment! – Upgrade to a larger dome at any time! Our NEW upgrade program is Now available! Call for details! 800-853-0684 Modular Strut design allows for easy setup or take down as needed! Snow Loads and Winds – The Geodesic frame strength not only is incredibly weather tolerant but able to with stand high winds and hurricane like situations. They can bear heavy snow loads in winter climates. WHAT IS INCLUDED: You will receive complete modular Geo-Dome frame made of galvanized steel to make a complete 3v frequency 18 Ft. Geodesic Dome Greenhouse. Frame work bolts together with easy instructions. All screws and bolts included (zinc plated will not rust) Poly Marine Cover High quality (7 mil. thickness) Doorway- One Geodome Galvanized Steel framed doorway and one Zipper Access Door 36″W x 72″ H Easy to follow Illustrated Assembly Manual Each Greenhouse is custom made to order average delivery time 15-20 working days to ship. Details and Specifications: Poly Marine Cover 7 mil. High quality ( must shrink wrap to frame) Frame work- Galv. Steel 3/4″ inch (outside Diameter) Inside diameter of Dome – 18 Ft. (center to center) Door: All Vertical Adapters for framework are included Center Height: 10 feet Number Of Struts: approx 165 Strut types Within Frame: 5 Floor Area Sq. Ft.- 250 Easy to Assemble Advanced modular design that allows you to construct it yourself, which saves you time and money. Can be assembled by one or two people in 2 days. Included are step by step assembly instructions, requires a few basic tools to assemble.

Product Features

  • Galvinized Steel Frame 1/2″
  • Frame will withstand high winds and hurricane like situations.
  • Geodesic Design – Great in high winds and hurricane like situations.
  • Lifetime Warranty & FREE SHIPPING!
  • Includes: Marine Poly Shrink Cover 7mil

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