The beautiful black Countertop Garden Kit gives you an option to place your plants on a flat surface and create a decor piece with living plants of different varieties.There are multiple ways you can use this portable planter kit to your benefit. 1.) Use it as an herb garden in your kitchen. 2.) Use it as a side piece in your living room decor. 3.) Place it in the office for a dash of green and give your office a facelift. 4.) You can grow herbs, new young plants, succulents, colorful small cacti and much more. The Countertop kit consists of 8 pots with self-watering built-in interior. Each desktop set comes with a funnel, for you to pour water from the top of the desktop, which distributes the water evenly throughout. Excessive water will be collected into the tray on the bottom.

Product Features

  • Self watering and portable
  • Great for home and office Decor
  • Product dimensions: 17.5 x 4.5 x 11.4 inches.
  • Pre-assembled and comes with 8 : 3-inch interchangeable mesh net pots
  • Fun and educational for kids to grow-their-own plants at home

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