The Garden Tower is a revolutionary vertical self-contained garden & composting system that redefines home gardening, urban gardening and vermicomposting. Utilizing 6 cu.ft. of potting soil, the Garden Tower allows for the abundant growth of 50 plants vertically in a minimal footprint and eliminates weeding, electricity, nutrient loss and most water loss associated with conventional gardening.

Product Features

  • The rotating garden tower 2 is a composter that grows 50 plants in 4 square feet nearly anywhere
  • Turns waste kitchen scraps to fertilizer organic waste to organic food
  • Easily grow nearly any vegetables, herbs or flowers
  • An organic, 6 cu. ft. vertical soil-based alternative to expensive and difficult hydroponic systems
  • Proudly made in the USA, 100% UV stable food grade USA HDPE plastic

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