A custom blend of three unique lettuce varieties that are easy to grow. The Heirloom Lettuce Seed Pod Kit germinates in just days – now you can grow and enjoy fresh lettuce all year round. This heirloom lettuce blend includes a mix of unique and exotic varieties, including: Black Seeded Simpson, Deer Tongue and Parris Island. Kit works in all AeroGardens. Planting with Seed Pods is fun and easy! Just insert the pre-seeded Grow Pods in your garden, add water and the patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients. Most plants germinate within 7-14 days, are ready for harvesting in 4-6 weeks and will keep producing continuous harvests for up to 6 months and longer. Indoor gardening can’t get any tastier or simpler!.

Product Features

  • We only select seeds that are tested for maximum growth, flavor, color and yield
  • 3 x 2 Inches, aluminum metal magnets
  • Our pre-seeded Grow Pods are produced from pure Canadian Sphagnum Peat and provide soil-free, no-mess, indoor growing all year round
  • Clean with Mild Soap and Water, Printed on single side
  • Our patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients (plant food)

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